I provide a range of content writing services, including writing and ghostwriting blog posts, features for magazines and newsletters, and ebooks.

My writing has appeared in national magazines such as Pregnancy & Newborn and Live Happy, and has been syndicated online for Business Insider. My clients include:

Finance and Credit

How Much to Save for College? The Ultimate Guide
6 Ways for Millennials to Prepare to Buy a Home
Why Refund Anticipation Loans Are (Still) Bad News
What It Cost to Move From a House Into Our Dream Bus
Restaurant Loans: Where to Find Financing for Your Dining Business


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A Guide to Getting Insurance for Your Home
The Easy Guide to Getting a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance
From Vehicle Modifications to Car Insurance: Helping Everyone from Students to Seniors Navigate Driving with a Disability
Getting to Know: Standard & Poor’s


Real Parents Dish: “Should We Really Have More Kids?”
Breastfeeding Secrets Every New Mom Should Know
Grand Expectations
Breastfeeding in Public
What Do Levels of NICU Care Mean?

Business, Career, and Productivity

Bringing a Design Concept to Life and Having Fun at FOX
WRI’s LEED Silver Office Renovation Celebrates Transparency and Sustainability
Aim to Fail: How Rethinking Rejection Can Increase Productivity
Does Remote Work Increase Our Risk of Impostor Syndrome?
How AI Affects Your Business Website and What You Can Do About It
How to Structure a More Productive Workday
Invoice Factoring for Business

Mental Health/Wellness

Why Do Phone Calls Give Us Anxiety?
How to Develop Unlimited Willpower
How to Keep the Holidays From Stressing You Out