Portfolio and Testimonials

I provide a range of Web content writing services, including writing and ghostwriting blog posts, features for magazines and newsletters, and researched guides. I’m available to work on a range of content creation and editorial projects.

Here’s what clients say about my work:

qmYvwvsz_400x400“I approached Jessica with a last-minute opportunity for one of my clients, and she not only hit the deadline, but also impressed me with creative, inspired work. The client thought it was fantastic, and I could not have asked for more professional business acumen with a freelancer. I will be using her editorial services again.” –Laura Berry, Cogberry Creative


Linda Keely Parenting Education “Jessica helped me solidify and document my vision and business plan. She took high-level concepts, did research to flesh them out, and wrote the concepts in clear and understandable language that draws in a reader. She quickly came up to speed in a totally new topic area and turned around drafts and incorporated my comments and edits very rapidly. I definitely recommend her services!!” — Linda Keely, Parenting Education

“Very reliable with due dates and a great writer.” — Credit Sesame

My writing has appeared in national magazines such as Pregnancy & Newborn and Live Happy, and has been syndicated online for Business Insider.

Finance and Credit

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Business, Career, and Productivity

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Mental Health/Wellness

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Taxes and Insurance

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